I was perusing BusinessWeek and found a great article on FriendFeedFriendFeed is being tauted as  a tool that tearing down the walls between Web haunts such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc.


FriendFeed is one of the first major efforts to break down proliferation of Social Networks.
With the startup's service, subscribers can pull together on one Web
page everything their friends and colleagues are doing on more than 30
Web sites. The goal is to organize the Web's information in valuable
ways, a bit like Google does. But instead of using search, FriendFeed
uses people you know to uncover valuable information. To find movie
recommendations or news items or provocative ideas, you can tap into
the wisdom of friends.


The FriendFeed service looks a bit chaotic at first. But the you will get used to the email alerts after awhile. After logging in,
a subscriber sees a Web page with a steady stream of items from people
he has signed up to follow scrolling down the screen.

This is a fun and pretty cool new site!  Follow Me on FriendFeed @  at http://friendfeed.com/joannapenabickley

I think FriendFeed could easily become a much larger site, I think it
depends on their ability to partner with all Social Networks, and tackle crowds
that Facebook is yet to tap.

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Tell me what you think - feed collector or yet another proliferator?

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