Its about who you know! Ciroc knows Puff Daddy. They are so close that Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs announced his appointment as Diageo’s Ciroc Vodka Brand Manager and CMO in an Ad Age Q&A interview this week.

The role is “too big for one title,” he told Ad Age, but, he added, “I’ll be taking the lead on all the things traditionally a CMO or a brand manager would do, just doing them my way. Marketing in a way that is truly unique.” - Source Ad Age

This is more than the typical product placement

Diddy is not just a spokesman. He has become the brand. Ciroc will be making more than an just appearance in his videos. He is both vested and invested in Diageo’s marketing objectives. This type of involvement will transcend the typical endorsement relationships. Before Diddy—a product and brand himself—launched his first marketing directive, he’s already a walking talking media channel for the Ciroc Vodka brand. Not your standard brand agent hire.

This big challenge will be how Diddy and Diageo will coexist. This joint endevour could prove to be a real life product placement that elevates a Brand to real celebrity status. Read the entire Ad Age article here.

Update 10/07/2008: First Campaign - Diddy Becomes The Chairman of The Ciroc Board
What I love about this move is that it breaks the mold and brings the brand into a true circle of celebrities. P. Diddy is to launched The Art of Celebration! Celebrate Life Responsibly! campaign.

Diddy has brought the art of "sophisticated celebration" to life on the small screen for the only ultra-premium vodka. Shot in black and white at one of Sinatra's former California homes, the 15- and 30-second commercials depict Combs as a high-spirited host amidst a chic crowd during an impromptu private house party. Combs is serving CIROC while engaging with his modern-day "Rat Pack" entourage. Combs mingles, dances and jokes during the intimate party, before finally stealing a private moment to gaze into the night as the crowd enjoys a fun-filled evening inside.

I love the sell the sophisticated strategy employed here. Yet another game changer.

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