Today started like any other but quicky changed its momentum around 9:15 a.m.  The office was buzzing with the news that had hit the streets, Yahoo had made a strategic investment in our open market place, The Right Media Exchange.  It proved to be an exciting day for the company and our clients at Right Media as Yahoo Inc (Nasdaq: YHOO) is leading a $45 million round for a twenty percent stake in Right Media and will become a participating member of the Right Media Exchange.  See our CEO, Mike Walrath's comments here.

Once the news hit the streets my marketing and agency counterparts kept me busy fielding questions and opprotunites... Funny how a bit of pocket change moves industry additudes.

What is Right Media doing with the money?

The investment will allow Right Media to keep building out products and
services that help grow the Right Media Exchange. Over 11,000 companies
are participating in the exchange, and we’ll continue to innovate in
order to help them gain more revenue and efficiency in their online
advertising efforts.

Will the Right Media Exchange stay independent?
The exchange will stay independent. Yahoo will be participating and
competing as any other major client would in buying and selling
advertising through it.

What does this mean for other Right Media Exchange clients?
Yahoo joining the exchange is obviously more advertising inventory
to buy as Yahoo is the largest display advertising property on the web.
Additionally, it should bring more advertising buyers to the exchange
to get access to that inventory, which benefits everyone. The more
buyers and sellers on the exchange, the better off we all are.

What does this mean for Consortium Members?
It further validates the way we can impact positive industy change.

There’s been great blog coverage.  Here are the highlights:

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Yahoo! Invests In Right Media, Leads $45 Million Round via @jpenabickley