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September 9, 2008No Comments

ON: HillBlazing Once Again

It's rare that you meet someone who inspires you to think differently and take action.  Moreover, does the same thing to your teen daughters. This past year one woman did.  As many of you know I was one of the 18 million who came out and lent a hand to Senator Hillary Clinton's candidacy.  So once again when the campaign asked - I was honored to be one of Hillary Clinton's hosts at an all star event here in New York.

Join me and Hillary at Hiro on Monday September 22.  Go to http://www.hillaryclinton.com/hiro  to RSVP.  When you RSVP please make sure to select my name "Joanna Pena-Bickley" as your host in the drop down. The event is shaping up to be a fun evening with our favorite senator!

If you cannot attend you can still make a contribution.  We could use your help in paying down Hillary's campaign debt at http://www.hillaryclinton.com/hiro (When you make your donation please use the drop down to select my name as your host)

I look forward to you joining me and Hillary in an evening that will help retire Hillary's campaign debt.

ON: HillBlazing Once Again via @jpenabickley

May 17, 20086 Comments

ON: Supporting Hillary Until November

Here we go again.  The news media, namely CNN, MSNBC (NBC) and ABC News are attempting to choose the president again.  Let us not forget the same three media outlets, along side of the NY Times, sold us the Iraq war and has devoted a week of powder puff coverage to a man who lost the last primary by a margin of 26 to 67, his biggest defeat of the campaign.


The radio silence given the enormous loss was deafening. This past week's media silence and then frenzied coverage of the John Edwards’ endorsement, which of course only came after the exit polls showed Mr. Obama’s momentum with white voters has come to a screeching halt as a good sign that the biased coverage was back in full swing. Team Obama gave us a Southern son who could not help Kerry win in his own state of North Carolina in 2004.  While John Edwards’s endorsement is likely to deliver a few delegates the race is still close and is far from over.

You would have never known that Hillary had won a landslide victory in West Virginia.  One would have thought that the victory would have given the former First Lady justification to stay in the race until the final and 56th primary on June 3.

I sincerely thought that women, namely Hillary, had come further this.  “Blatant sexism still exists, even now.” I thought.

Then I took a few days to conduct some research and found something that was not a surprise – but was truly disturbing. This ground swell of big and small media coverage was bought and paid for by Obama for president.  Yes, Obama is paying for the good press. The ground swell starts with a legion of 400 paid bloggers who conduct online attacks of Hillary supporters on Facebook and MySpace as well as a number of anti-Clinton videos that are posted by this team on a daily basis.  According to Fox News, the Obama campaign has hired 400 bloggers to influence the public discourse shown in the polls and sway Hillary voters to "remember we are all Democrats", to give up Clinton's cause, and to become dutiful citizens of the Obama Nation.

So where do you go for unbiased news when all forms of free press are paid for?  The Sunday morning media pundits have become paid propaganda for the far left wing of the democratic party.

Instead of giving Hillary the due coverage, they failed to report that Mr. Obama’s negative poll numbers continue to show that a steady stream white men, Latinos and woman voters that have lined up behind Mrs. Clinton and will likely break from the democratic party if she is not the nominee.


Many have asked why I am a Hillary Supporter. I have so many great reasons to stick with her until November.  She and Bill represent a couple that made the American Dream work for them.  She represents a fighter. We need a fighter.

Listen to Hillary on TaylorMarsh >>

We need someone who knows how to run Washington, not someone who can enter as a change agent and fail.  Her platform comes closer to the FDR platform than anyone in the race.  Her stance on health care in unwavering. She has laid out specifics from the day one on how she will turn the economy around with green jobs, just as her husband did with the Silicon Valley explosion in the 1990's. 

More importantly, I grew up in a middle class family, where I directly benefited from Bill Clinton's Pell Grant Program.  Without those grants I would not have been able to attend college.

The biggest thing I admire her for is her stamina - everytime they have counted her out she has proved the pundits wrong.  It has made for great political theater.

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Join Us On May 31 For A Rally
Join a group of Hillary supporters who are planning to visit Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 31st to attend the meeting of the DNC Rules Committee and rally outside the DNC headquarters in support of Michigan and Florida.  Check out the links to sites.  Join us!

ON: Supporting Hillary Until November via @jpenabickley

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