Today’s political landscape poses complex challenges to democracies on planet earth. Values, principals and beliefs are the intersection that public service, politics and design have long shared. Design is playing a critical role in framing problems, facilitating policy discussions, crafting authentic narratives for the US's 2020 presidential election and building the infrastructure and tools needed to make our open source, democratic, future ideals a reality.

During the digitization of society and industry, democratic government systems across the globe have aged, and their disrepair has citizens of nation states yearning for a reinvention of who & what do we value. Media and technology are now core parts of civic and political engagement therefore, no matter how we decide to answers those questions, designers are empathetically approaching the dynamic relationships between communities, ecologies of media, technology, and the natures of image building, information and power. 

Design, Democracy and Participation: Exploring the Scandinavian Participatory Design Tradition

At the forefront of the ground swell of discussions are systems designers who have made it their mission to save America and the UK's democracy with twenty-first century tools and security. From new ideas about connected community policing, to orchestrating step change in health care and education, to registering new voters, governmental data visualization, to eliminating biases in our democratic systems of governing, "democratic" or open source service design is shaping policy of how we re-engineer democracy to a fairer future.

Dana Chisnell – Democracy is a design problem

Whether designers are choosing to uphold values by committing to removing friction from our voting mechanisms, to fair compensation, diversity in the workplace or acting as an engine for hot takes in the social and political media, driven by the 24-hour-a-day news cycle of network TV, design has moved from merely branding campaigns to composing values driven policies and everything in between.

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