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September 15, 2006No Comments

ON: Viral Advertising Network – Revver

Youtube move over!  This week a slew of Video Beta sites have launched.  Enter Revver, they differentiate themselves in a few ways. Rever claims,

“Revver is the first online service that truly leverages the viral power of the Internet to create a marketplace for online videos. Revver matches individual videos with advertising, encourages video sharing and then uses its proprietary technology to track videos as they are viewed across the Internet. By rewarding users with a percentage of the advertising revenue generated, Revver creates a virtual marketplace for online video. Revver's contextual advertising capabilities also connect advertisers to specific demographics with a unique collaborative learning algorithm, which maximizes ad performance.”

Revver made their mark as the host for the Diet Coke/Mentos videos, the lonelygirl15 has recently made the switch.  Revvers are marketing themselves as the first “Viral Advertising Network” (VAN). 

click here to read the press release >>

ON: Viral Advertising Network – Revver via @jpenabickley

September 12, 2006No Comments

ON: The Art of the Unlaunch

Product development cycles are long and iterative, so much so that it presents some significant PR challenges.  As I have embarked on the development of products dircted at the agency market, I am looking to build in open source innovation and industry buzz to my process.

A recent articilce in Media Gurilla caught my eye. 
Not sure if this is the right method, but the post was definatley worth a read.  Read post at: http://mmanuel.typepad.com/media_guerrilla/

ON: The Art of the Unlaunch via @jpenabickley



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