For those of us who are responsible for analyzing and translating digital consumer data back to our clients then optimizing our campaigns and sites to align with consumer feedback loops -  two studies have confirmed what we digital marketers have hypothesized about for years.

The use of page-views and cookies to determine the size of Web audiences may be failing to keep up with changing user habits, according to two new reports.

A study from comScore has concluded that cookies may be over-counting serial Web surfers who regularly reset them. A separate report from Nielsen NetRatings determines that counting time spent on a site, rather than page views accessed, may offer a better metric for evaluating usage in the Web 2.0 era of video and audio features.

Nielsen's Top Ten Websites By Time Per Visit

  1. RuneScape - 6hrs 32mins
  2. Electronic Arts Online - 3h 07m
  3. Bebo - 2h 37m
  4. Facebook 2h 28m
  5. eBay - 1h 55m
  6. - 1h 53m
  7. Adventure Quest - 1h 35m
  8. Fox Interactive Media (MySpace) - 1h 11m
  9. Club Penguin - Ih 10m
  10. Cartoon Network - 1h 09m

ON: Web Metrics Studies via @jpenabickley