In 2007, we must concentrate on engaging content.  Since Hollywood has turned out nothing but trash in the last year, marketers have taken to the internet with films that entertain us, cause conversation and more importantly get us to buy their products. 

It is time to begin to pitch the BIG IDEA in a new way.  A way that tells a story, a brand story that serves as an engagement model for future growth.  Use your planning departments to bring clarity and light to your story, let them help build the persona, allow creative and strategy to fuse together to infuse client relationships with relevant content that engage us at the necessary touch points.  Screw the deck and trade it in for the consumer engagement map.  Join me this year in engaging consumers in a dialog of discovery.

Here are a few of my favorites from 2006.

BMW & Madonna: Using the insight that 85% of their target consumers used the Internet
before buying a BMW, a series of short films were created by some of
the greatest action movie directors, aired only via the Internet (and
widely distributed over e-mail). 

The Dove Evolution: A 75-second film released only on the Internet, it showcases the
typical make-over of a model into the unreal yet so-familiar beauty
that we see in cosmetics advertising. Over a million views on Youtube,
deep penetration of the blogosphere, and tremendous impact for the
brand. Read here for the full story, including a very detailed analysis of the campaign and its impact

Toyota Scion in Second Life
: The first brand to enter the virtual world of Second Life, with a
virtual dealership featuring customizable versions of the cars. All the details are here

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