As I am a big comic book fan I thought i would check out one of my favorite comic book properties Spider-Man 3.  Over all the experience was rich...This website has everything the internet has to offer: games,
downloads of wallpaper, widgets, screensavers, a mobile section, blogs
and video offered in a choice of full-screen, Quicktime and high
definition. It also offers some exclusive, web-only content to entice
users, like behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the stunt

The only thing that let me down about the site was the conspicuous
absence of user-generated content. For example, the blog section, which
I expected to be a forum for users, was actually just a series of video
blogs produced by the franchise itself. After exploring for a while, I
finally found a forum where users can post their thoughts; oddly
enough, it was a bit of an online ghost town. Many users had responded
to the video blogs in admiration of the film, but that's mere
"Spider-Man 2" technology. After searching, I finally managed to find a
place to submit user-generated webisodes.

Check it out at: http://flash.sonypictures.com/movies/spiderman3/site/index.php

ON: Spider-Man 3 via @jpenabickley