From the moment the flash loader began loading the first bits of information, my heart began pumping harder, then the first transition from the Eiffel Tower to the Champs-Elysées and I was in love.


The Nokia – The Passenger site came with all the fixings for an amazing experience. Video, sound, easy to use navigation, call to action that made me takes action… You can even get subtitles!

Driving the streets of Paris was easier in this interface than it was when I was gallivanting the streets of the seventh district.

Having just returned from Paris, It made me long for my favorite place outside Manhattan.

Visit this art work @ http://www.the-passenger.com/

The concept to promote the new multimedia car kit GPS device was designed by Hyper Happen, London and aims to connect with Nokia’s tech-savvy, affluent male target audience.

site combines an online gaming experience which incorporates real film
footage to create a driving and navigation experience. Gamers play the
part of the driver helping a mysterious woman, while relying on the new
Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W to reach the
destination and get pay off in the final scene. The driving sequences
and plot structure gives the audience the opportunity to experience the
product and immerse themselves in the real streets of Paris.

story contains all the essential elements or at least, the stereotypes
of a film noir; a femme fatale, a driver, and a mysterious man are the
key characters. Digital strategy agency Hyper Happen worked with Fuel Industries & Karbon Arc, both from Ottawa (Ontario) on the game engine build and video production.

The game was promoted by 60-second trailers on Nokia’s homepage and seeded with influential technology bloggers.

ON: Nokia’s The Passenger via @jpenabickley