Not that this comes as a surprise to those of us who delivered the highest number of streams during last years final four on  A new consumer research, Emerging Video Services, from Leichtman Research Group, found that 4% of all adults over age 18 in the United States watch video online at home daily and an additional 14% at least once a week.

Comparatively, 93% of adults spend at least one hour a day, on average, watching TV. While total online video usage has increased in the past year, the percentage of adults watching online video remains relatively unchanged.

Key findings of the study, based on a survey of 1,250 households nationwide, include:

  • Men aged 18-34 account for 41% of those who view video online on a daily basis, while comprising just 14% of the online subscribers sample
  • Men aged 18-34 account for over two-thirds of adults who view YouTube and other user-generated content daily
  • 8% of those who watch video online strongly agree that they now watch TV less often

Rather than replacing TV, in the near-term, emerging video services like online video and video on demand (i.e. Video Ipod) are best viewed as great opprotunites to complement traditional media buys.

ON: Men 18 to 34 Years Old Are Key Online Video Viewers via @jpenabickley