Last week ( i think it was last week as all the days have run together - that will happen with 100 hour weeks) I was doing some research on "Jester" Brands in the digital space I ran across Dr. Pepper's Band In The Bubble

They have put an unknown band in a plastic bubble on NYC’s West Side Highway, then you
throw the switch to the on position for 24 cameras, and let people watch whatever camera
they want at any time of the day or night as the band records an album,
snoozes and shaves their nether regions. (nice)

This is a risk for Dr. Pepper - They are experimenting to see if they get interesting content.   

Built by Code Theory.  What i like about this is that such a massive amount of streaming video has been
delivered through flash.  Typically you might deliver this through Windows
Media Player, but as we, the interactive creatives, can attest is that the user experience is much better with the more
customizable flash player and when you’re dealing with this amount of
video and so many choices, the user experience could easily have gotten
too messy to succeed.   The build of this site is artfully done.

While the stunt does speak to he target in a voice - but where is the amplification???  I had to search really really hard to find the content that inevitably took me to the site.  I know the partnership with MTV helps... (it did for watch and whoa)  but you would never know that MTV was the media property behind the site.

Visit the site @ http://www.drpepperbubble.com/

ON: Dr. Peppers The Bubble via @jpenabickley