Move over GAP!  UNIQLO continues to push the envelope of their design of the digital retail space.

Picture 1

Over the years many companies, including the GAP,  have tried to create interactive retail websites that ended up falling flat. UNIQLO's has broken stogy retail mold.  Their new global site,  “introduction to UNIQLO
gives you an animated story that unfolds what the brand is and what it does in a
unique animation that goes for about 10 minutes.  The 10 minutes was filled with pleasant music and entertaining visual gags that made it worth the wait.

Picture 2  
Its fashion first dynamic presentation make makes me wonder - why there is only one store in the USA?  What I love is that when you click on an image to get the name and price there is visual candy that lets me feel the quality of the clothing. There are about 15 options in this fantastic site. Before Canne, UNIQLO is sure to get people talking with this gem. I encourage you to go explore!

Picture 4

Even the new summer collection UT Zoom
showcases their range with some really engaging techniques where you
control the product in the gallery with the scroll/zoom function in your mouse that
transitions between video, images & product!  Its the best brand experience that I have had this year!  Visit UNIQLO today!

ON: UNIQLO’s Animated Story via @jpenabickley