I love a flash mob. Some say they are sooo done. I am not one of those people. I have to say that this flash mob really brought a smile to my face when I realized that it was another T-Mobile event. With all the horrible crap going on in the world it is nice when a brand just wants you to have a smile and share it.


When I saw what T-Mobile did on Oprah - I was blown away.  If you watched Oprah's 24th season kickoff party, which took place in on the mag mile in Chicago you could can see how people shared an incredible experience that makes you want to smile.  This is really content worth sharing.  (just search YouTube and see how many videos were made)

Do you remember the T-Mobile dance at Liverpool Street Station for T-Mobile's Life's for Sharing campaign? And who can forget the Trafalgare square karaoke, where 13,500 people sang Hey Jude. It seems to me that T-mobile's flash mob still works.

Have you had a recent flash mob experience that you want to share?  If so leave me a comment.

ON: T-Mobile’s Flash Mob via @jpenabickley