Why not have a little fun?  Volkswagen has launched an effort to put the FUN back in to our lives with Thefuntheory.com  This site is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest
way to change people’s behavior for the better.

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In a world where everything is sold as a task, VW is looking for FUN solutions to world problems. Could this piano staircase get you to take the stairs instead of the escalator?   Watch and see the transformation.

Can you say viral hit???? This video has received 7,301,080 views. This surprisingly simple idea transforms the mundane into FUN.

What I love about this "Social" experiment is that it is thought and action provoking. VW is facilitating world FUN, through consumer engagement with its branded theory. One of the boldest parts of the campaign is the subtly of the VW branding.   Each one of the FUN entries is ended with a VW logo. Thats it!  But that's a lot when you consider that just one of the videos has 7,301,080 views. If VW attempted to pay for this type of reach it would cost them millions. 

Earned media comes with risky yet good ideas. (risky - because no other brand in the category is doing anything like this.  Good, because they let go of their brand, use emotional and behavioral insights and allow the consumer to have a bit of fun with the brand.)  They have done an amazing job of owning fun in their category while extending a global conversation that could inspire others.

If you have a way to take the mundane or simple and make it FUN you should submit it for a prize.  Your
entry can be presented with a written explanation plus a visualization of the idea itself. It could be a simple sketch, photos
or a film of a prototype.  Put the fun back in to the world with VW at http://thefuntheory.com.

Do you think this campaign sets a new standard for brand building through online video and social media?

ON: The Volkswagen Fun Theory via @jpenabickley