Looking for a new scent to hit the club scene?  Look no further! Burger King launched a limted edition body spray that claims to smell like "the scent of seduction with the hint of flame-broiled meat".

Want to your man to salivate like a Pavlovian dog when your in the room? BK says "The Whopper sandwich is America's Favorite burger. FLAME by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you in the form of a body spray."

Picture 4

This is such a simple idea!  It is excuted with utter grace. I love the the full screen video clips.  They are campy fun that gave me a good chuckle. I also think the omni-present "buy now" button helps you close the deal no matter what stage of the videos you are at.  

Picture 5

This is what digital was meant to do! Where else can you extend the King character (brand) and make a sale at the same time?

The only thing that the site lacks is an easy way for me to port this into my network?  How hard is it to jack in Gigya's wildfire?

Check out the site at http://www.firemeetsdesire.com/

ON: The King’s New Fragrance via @jpenabickley