This coming week I will focus on looking back and learning, but more importantly looking forward from those learnings.  All of it will manifest itself in Top 10 category lists.  Today I start with a spotlight on Bruce Tempkin of Forrester and the Customer Experience Matters blog.  What I love about this top ten list is that he gift-wrapped the top ten "Customer Experience Resolutions".

  1. We shall focus more on our customers and less on ourselves
  2. We shall get to know more about what our customers really need
  3. We shall formalize a voice-of-the-customer program
  4. We shall incorporate personas in our experience design processes
  5. We shall clearly define our brand in terms of promises to customers
  6. We shall judge every interaction on how well it fulfills our brand promises
  7. We shall engage front-line employees in improving customer experiences
  8. We shall get the executive team to collectively own the customer experience
  9. We shall establish a multi-year journey towards customer-centric DNA
  10. We shall give customer experience the attention that it deserve

To create great experiences for people (consumers, yes, they are people) you must first bake it in to your culture. If you are working for a company that doesn't have a
culture of customer-centricity baked into it, then it will be difficult
to achieve any of these goals.  If your company never had it—you will
have to figure out how to build that culture or move to a company that exudes this culture.

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