Welcome to the digital age America! While it has been here for many of us in the Beta-Class, we finally have a government that will actually use it to allow us to participate in a digital democracy.  Imagine that, a country that is run by the people, for the people and when it is not - with digital access - we will all know it.   (Ahhhh, there it is, that transparency we have all longed for since the day the back-room deal with the Supreme Court was struck to anoint President Bush in 2000.) Now that we have a Digi-President, will he and his administration be ready for us to re-call them via the digital channel when or if the propaganda does not live up to the hype?

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President-elect Obama has taken the first step in transparency. Last week, the Washington Post covered Obama's first YouTube Weekly address.  After watching, then perusing the Change.gov blog, I ponder if this is transparency or another channel for a new breed of propaganda?

For me, I look forward to the day when our Digi-President will open himself open to public debates with his constituents directly. Many political observers say President-elect Obama's innovative, online-fueled campaign will likely evolve into a new level of online communication between the public and the White House.  Today - it is a one way message.  Right now we are merely a real time focus group.

I ponder if social media platforms, mobile technology and interactive TV will be used to give us unparalleled access and tools that will facilitate our active involvement in rebuilding the country.

What is obvious is that our President-elect appears to have a keen interest in using social media platforms in the act of governing. How far does that interest go?  Will he monitor the blogs for insights and ideas that could help rebuild the economy?  Will he attribute the ideas to the people or groups and recognize them for their contribution?  Will the digital democracy's new tools have the potential to transform how a government of the People, by the People and for the People communicates and operates.

What kind of access do you want? 

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