At the core of every successful brand is an amazing, Word of Mouth-worthy story that your biggest fans will be happy to tell. Your brand's story -- once you uncover it and start crafting ways to make sure your customers and potential customers know about it -- can go a long way to increasing word of mouth chatter about your brand.  No matter the medium you need a story! 

Without a story - your brand looses context.  Call it cavalier, but my first question to Fortune 500 CMOs and entrepreneurs alike is, “What’s your story?”  What strikes me is not how hard it is for nearly everyone to answer the question in the
first place.

Great Brands Have A Story
Brands are the stories that unite us all in a common purpose within an
enterprise, and connect us with the people we serve on the outside.
These brand stories give meaning to who we are and what we do. They’re
a special kind of story—they’re strategic; they build on themselves
chapter by chapter, over time; they grow as they respond to changing
customers and changing markets.

Everybody likes a good story and why not? Stories are entertaining,
instructive, engaging and above all human; they connect people to
people, and businesses to customers. Story-telling is about communication
and communication is the essence of marketing.  If we are in the conversation economy then a good brand story should be the cake we serve up to our consumers.

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What’s the (brand) story?

We have at our disposal the greatest communication tool the world has
ever known, the Internet, and the vast majority of marketers are wasting it. Websites are used as if
they were corporate brochures. The techno-experts would even have us
remove its visual and kinetic elements, and turn it into an academic-style
journal to please the SEO gurus. We've been there and done that.
Search engine optimization is great and needed (and if you are a real flash developer you know that you can make your multimedia site search-able), but who is going to go to your
website if it's there is not a compelling story (engagement), and it is tedious to operate. It's time to move on.

Give consumers a story that is worth repeating.  Content is not king if it does not tell a cohesive brand story.

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