27771942 Has your cell phone been ringing off the hook with calls from new and interesting phone numbers you have never seen before? Shoot...My cell phone is ringing again.  The number on the screen is (623) 238-6228... I'd better pick it up.

JP-B: "Hello?"
Automated Caller: “Your car warranty is expiring. We have notified you several times by mail. Press 1 to renew your warranty.”
JP-B: [annoyed pesses 1] Hey - my car is new!
Operator: Silence then a sigh [Hangs up!]

As a card carrying member of the Direct Marketing Association, I am always willing to listen to someone's pitch or even CRM program, especially if they have my cell number. When I realized this was a scam I did some homework. 

Just in case you thought that this call was from your favorite auto brand that had completed their sophisticated CRM program, worry no more, its scammers who have created a system that is untraceable so far. The NYTimes reported that States have begun investigations.  It is disturbing that the criminals are doing better job of following up on my car's performance than the brand that I bought it from. hmmm???

If you are getting these calls from numbers like (623) 238-6228, (408) 587-2116, (202) 552-1332, (702) 520-1105, (609) 948-0971 and
(562) 289-8136
these calls are illegal.  A clever person over at reddit has discovered the identity of one of the spammers.  They have posted their phone number for the world! Gotta love the power of an active community!  

If you are getting these calls or have information about the companies making them you can report these it to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) - and file a complaint with the FCC at http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/complaints.html.  When you report it, you will help make sure that only the brands you love can call you and offer you something new or interesting!

ON: Scam Car Warranty Calling Campaign via @jpenabickley