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I am normally an Apple evangelist and rarely use this blog as a forum to piss in the wind.  But here it goes.  Last week I got my bright shiny new Apple iMac.  after loading it up with all of my applications, pictures and music, I went to listen to a few of my oldies but goodies that I had purchased from the iTunes store back in the day with my email was 

To my dismay it prompted me for a password associated with that account.  Grrr.  The security application embedded in your music files was not recognizing my new email account association. (so i have all my music but cannot unlock it on this computer)

I went though the motions of trying the my new account info, several different of my old passwords...then proceeded to email the iTunes Help desk.

One week later I have not had a response from Apple (despite the 24 hour guarantee) and cannot access half of my music library. (aggravating cause i work to my music)

I cannot imagine that I am the only user out there who has changed her addresses over the years.  When I went though the XML files what I learned is that apple associates songs with your email address and the system you buy them from.

So what I need Apple to do is re-enter 2 of my old email accounts back into their database and give me a password so I can activate the music on my new Mac. 

Does anyone out there have Apple contact I can call or a recco on how to resolve?

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