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A simple execution. This is a Mini branded positive news tweet stream.

About Postitweets: "We all know there is plenty of negative news in the world and we think
it’s time to start focusing on all the good. Positweets is the
destination for all the latest positive news and updates from Twitter.
Here, you can see what others are saying and post your own

It's filtering mechanism aggregates fun stats & animated graphs.The site was created by Slash7 in collaboration with Federated Media. FM represents more than 100 of the world’s most
respected websites, blogs, and social networking applications. Positweets has enlisted the help of "positributors" including @AlleyInsider,
@BoingBoing, @Trendhunter and
@venturebeat, who will be sharing positive vibes using the #positweets hashtag.

This execution demonstrates a strategy that positions the Mini brand as a filter. That is not new - but the players behind it are.  Could paying social media influencers to propagate an idea or subject matter be the model that turns the ad industry on its head?

Visit the site at

ON: Mini Postitweets via @jpenabickley