What's more important than fresh breathe?  Nothing, if you are about to set the stage for a meaningful kiss!

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The Mentos launch of “Kiss Fight” (much like fight club - accept we talk about kiss fight) has really got the right formula to increase product volume and velocity with a creative idea that puts their product between you and the perfect kiss.

Kiss Fight is smart and in touch.  Now that I have a teenager who is at the "Kissing" age – I have found that it is no longer the sappy act of the perfect kiss.  the kissing kids are looking for the best action kiss.  Mentos has done a great job of evolving the sappy to the fresh moves category.  A fresh move is about  taking the sublte to action and carpe diem!

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I love the game!  I enjoyed playing out the scenes. The game designed for maximum freshness.  The video production and compression was superb. The subtle hints of brand at every turn were memorable enough for me to run out and recapture my youth with a pack of fresh and fruity Mentos(now all I have to do is up seize the next opportunity for a kiss with the hubby.)

Sharpen your eye for the moment when you an seize a kiss at http://www.mentoskissfight.com  I highly recommend you playing through to the hot mom / cougar / M.I.L.F moment.

ON: Mentos Kiss Fight via @jpenabickley