Finally got to the bottom of my ON - In box today and I ran across a little something that Michael Donnelly, Director, Worldwide Interactive Marketing at Coke sent me. The note contained a link to grab a CokeTag

A CokeTag is a
personal, customizable widget for individuals, bands, bloggers,
artists, and companies to share links to content they want to promote
and drive traffic to anywhere on the Web.

Michael says:
"While Facebook may be the starting point for CokeTag,
it is only the beginning. We are excited to be working towards the
potential of expanding the use of the CokeTag application throughout
the web and we are now working on the best way to leverage the
OpenSocial platform. We are looking forward to the day when anyone
could potentially create a CokeTag
and have it on all of their social network profiles and their blog and
only have to worry about updating it in one place. That excites me."

What is prett cool is that one of the first uses of a CokeTag will be to promote the we8
recording artists. we8 is an artistic and cultural exchange, uniting
eight of China's most exciting artists and design firms with eight of
the West's most progressive musicians to design a vision and soundtrack
that celebrates the infinite possibilities that await when the doors
are flung open from East to West. The we8 program is being launched as part of The Coca-Cola Company's 2008 Bejing Olympic Games marketing activities. 

CokeTag's use does not end there.  CokeTag has long term legs that will include gathering behavioral data with in social media.

The CokeTag
application is being launched as a beta. Among others, the goal is to
watch, listen and learn from consumers to determine how the community
wishes to use the application and to gather suggestions on how to
improve it as it expands outside of Facebook.

See My CokeTag at http://www.facebook.com/pages/ON-digitalmarketing/8105779934

ON: In Box Tag via @jpenabickley