Over the last few weeks I have spoken & written about how the digital space is becoming a designers playground through HTML 5, open design tool kits and video.  Veer has become, yet another, type foundry added to Typekit’s remarkable list of foundries; allowing us to rent quality fonts for use on our websites.  I first found Typekit when I was designing my new blog http://imadethat.posterous.com (exclusive work in progress blog - need a password to check it out)

Screen shot 2010-08-01 at 4.28.54 PM

Typography is the back bone of design. The web is just about 85% typography.  Why shouldn’t it be viewed on the same lines as rounded corner boxes or text-shadows that look cool for the time being? It is an element of design that has been around since the written word first appeared on the walls of cavewoman.  In order to help prevent typography from falling into yet another ignored or misused category, learning about typography, beyond typefaces and fonts is essential a must to every designers toolbelt.

The people behind Typekit do a great job of this. They offer a short write-up about each font providing background / historical information, purpose for which it was created, and what its use is best intended for (ie: works well at very small sizes, good for body copy, great for headlines).

A wide range of quality fonts at our finger tips, CSS3 techniques that allows us to break and flow text into multiple columns… The web is starting to give designers less and less limitations and comparable to its print ancestors.   In your next digital project, challenge your development teams to expand their HTML & CSS practices to use the many type tools that are fueling the best built web experiences today.

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