Are you interested in directing an original film using specific elements outlined by
award-winning filmmaker, Jason Reitman?  If so, you could get the exposure
you need to turn your craft into a career.  HP and YourTube have set up a new channel to encourage young aspiring creatives to live out their dreams.

If you win, you're
going to a major international film festival where you'll attend
surprise industry events, meet with executives from Fox Searchlight
Pictures, and show your film at a private event. You'll also see your
winning short broadcast on the home page of YouTube in countries all
over the world, and you'll win a $5000 debit card.

This is a great way for HP to try and continue its award winning campaign into a second year.  How better to keep the computer personal by facilitating aspiring filmmakers to use it products to create personal stories.  Check it out at

ON: HP’s Project:Direct via @jpenabickley