Download Day 2008 is almost here - Firefox does it again.  They are just brilliant marketers.  This infectious campaign by the folks at Mozilla is taking the early adopters by storm.  Using the basis of the digital democracy gives consumers a chance to push Firefox into the record books. (The Guinness World Record book)

On their web site: Have you attempted to set a World Record with no luck? Well, now
is your chance to change that! Help set a Guinness World Record by
pledging to download Firefox 3 today. And, help spread the word!

This site campaign was made to share. Look at the the pledge ticker - it appears to be working quite well.


Why I Give It A Thumbs Up
Give us a reason to care and that leads to an infectious momentum and you win everytime.  The offering is similar to that of Flock - my browser of choice.  But, some in my digital maven circle say the new functions are a "Remarkable Offering".  Now combine that with a sticky, compelling message that makes me responsible for your predicts success along with a system designed to spread the Firefox 3 love and what you get is something worth sharing at my next geek fest.

Help me spread the firefox love >>


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