Picture 5 Which came first the chicken offer or the direct response ad format? 

For the longest time Facebook spent all of its time using ads to drive people to a web or fan page where a user could get lost in the experience of it all.  The newest of Facebook ad format seems to adopt some of our direct response best practices.

This ad for Chick-fil-A's free chicken biscuit samples is the most integrated
lead gen-style home page ad unit I’ve seen on Facebook.   What I love about this ad is that it does not take me to a page where I have to read about your beleaguered brand.

The new DR ad unit, gives me a quick fill response form presented as a modal window over my News Feed.

Picture 6
(image source InsideFacebook.com)

A user can
easily redeem the offer by filling in the form, and with one click post it to their to their profile
and share the offer with friends.  The user experience is fantastic.

According to InsideFacebook.com, Facebook has added new targeting features, including connection targeting, multi-country targeting, and birthday targeting.  This test seems to fall in line with many of the new direct response driven ad formats that big brand advertisers are demanding.

As CPG and foodservice marketers look for new ways of creating lift in sales, drive new offer redemption and connect social media to in store traffic this new DR ad unit could easily be used for all types of free offer based subscription services.

ON: Facebook’s Direct Experience via @jpenabickley