I have been evangelizing for years that "keeping it real" is as important as "keeping it simple"  I have had the luxury of studying and practicing my creative craft  under such creative greats as Mark Beeching and Marc Garbarini who taught me to see things for what they are. 

In order to tell a great visual story we must artfully move passed the BS and get to the end of the song.  (let the fat lady sing)

This is exactly what the Dove brand has done with Onslaught.   They have exquisitely combined social responsibility with its brand. (again.)

I love that Kestin and the Gang at Ogilvy in Toronto stopped Dove from pretending to be outside of the beauty industry, and takes a stand it defines its own (branded) kind of beauty.  For a mother of three girls this is something so rich about this as we go through puberty together!

ON: Dove & Why Real Works via @jpenabickley