I spent the day at the Mixx conference for the most part of the morning.  I will say that if you are a person who spends her/his time at the leading edge, walking the floor of the Expo was not where the action was.  As a matter of fact I would say it was a line up of the usual suspects.  That said, the workshops and the opening remarks made the Microsoft rubber chicken worth while.  As a matter of fact it fueled the the fire for more Blue (more to come on what Fusing of the Blue is...)

Key takeaways:

  • The traditional marketer/agency framework is over.
  • We as advertisers must join the conversation.
  • It's not just about servicing customers online.  It's about furthering engagement.
  • Never stop experimenting.
  • The challenge for us is that we need let go of the creative process.
  • In order to create the authentic dialog, it requires for us to let
    go and let those who create do what they do best and create that
  • Armed with a megaphone like the web, consumers wield enormous power.
  • The era of brands and agencies creating the messages is over.

Raise your glasses to a new class of advertising and organizations that spring up and define the way brands can capture the minds and hearts of audiences while driving loyalty as well as spend in retail.


It was a packed house and clearly was the "official" interactive event of Advertising Week.

ON: Day One at Mixx via @jpenabickley