I am researching cable providers for a new campaign I am building.  I have a hypothesis and need your consumer input.

Hypothesis: Now that cable providers are in essence a commodity, offering similar services and access, their relevance  becomes about  their emotional value to us as home entertainment.

1. Why do you like your cable provider? 
2. How does your cable service provide value to your life? 
3. What do you wish to see in a cable provider? 
4. What do you desire when it comes to home entertainment?
5. What would make you switch cable providers?
6. Who is your cable provider?
6a. Why did you Choose them?
6b. What Made You switch?
6c. What could they have done to make their offering better?
7. Is there a real difference in satellite vs. digital cable?
7a. If so what?
8. What is the most important part of home entertainment?
9. Does the extension of Home entertainment to mobile devices play a role in your evaluation of cable providers?
9a. If so which mobile or entertainment devices?
10. Can you give me an example of a nightmare cable installation or customer service story?

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ON: Cable Providers & Their Value To Consumers via @jpenabickley