While I am not a 16 year old boy trying to turn on my girl with my sexy smelling cheap deodorant... i do see the appeal of the BomChickaWahWah campaign from Axe.  Axe Body Spray came out with a new scent. Instead of listing the boring
new ingredients, the agency created the New Axe "with added BomChickaWahWah" with an integrated approach to their marketing.


The site is smart. hitting the site, the consumer is asked to select one of three regions
(Americas, Europe, Euroasia), appropriately you use a magnifying glass to roll over the scantily clad woman to choose your "region" which assists in audience segmentation
and communication of messaging.

Keeping with the mantra, "content is king," there seems to be something
irresistible about the many videos the AXE site has to offer (aside
from the attractive women dancing in sexually suggestive ways, I mean).


videos seem to be consciously aware that they are completely absurd,
and I believe that viewers will appreciate that. Axe walks a fine line
of offending women who might feel objectified, and turning-off men who
might feel that they are being reduced to sex-hungry dogs. But by
making the videos lean towards the absurd and campy, Axe shows viewers
that they are smarter than that. The company succeeds in carving a
positive brand image into the mind of the user, while at the same time
profiting from the classic "sex sells" technique.

View the site @ http://www.axebcww.com


ON: Axe’s BomChickaWahWah via @jpenabickley