From the time that I was introduced to it,  I wanted to see a brand application of Papervision3D. PaperVision3D was one of those new shiny toys that looked amazing! - When Flash 9 came to market the speed to do simple 3D became an obsession for most flash designers. Several started to create their own 3D engines and PaperVision3D was the project that offered the most promise.  That promise has now been realized by  Good Technology in London.  It has just launched Rhythm of lines, a promotional site for the new Audi A5, using Papervision3D.


By using the mouse and keyboard, you create your own rhythms of
lines and store them in your gallery. You can then play them back and
use them as desktop wallpaper or screensaver.  They have also extended the functionality so that you can submit your work to the
exhibition, where a selection will be printed in large format.

Based on Lines, the Audi A5 spot the
whole experience flows beautifully, creating a truly immersive
atmosphere. Very polished and well executed, everything fits together
nicely, from the art direction to the music.

Learn more about Papervision3D at

Check out the Audi site at

Papervision3D has posted this reel of eye candy.

ON: A Brand’s Use of PaperVision3D via @jpenabickley