Don't sell me insurance - sell me worry free days with my passion.  Allstate has struck Chrome!


This site takes a damn good swipe at the Gecko and the Caveman.  So yes - Allstate just bitch-slapped all other insurance companies with one of the smartest sleekest sites on the web today. 

Instead of doing what all other insurance companies do - sell you hard that you need them. (which is a total farce! Consumers do not need or desire them..the law says we have to have insurance.)  Allstate has managed to approach this through my passion for my need for speed.   

Imagine that - they pulled some data on their consumers and found an innovative way is to get to know what their consumers are buying, therefore tapping into desire.  Imagine finding an insurance brand that embraces your need for risk.  When an insurance company does exactly that - what you get is consumers excited about buying something that will make their risky passions care-free.

Allstate continues to take an approach that seems inspiring to someone who desires to ride free.  They are selling to you a way to insure your passions!


Allstate has figured out that the insurance buying public is using the web to research policies and prices online so they have made the leap of faith (or a smart marketing hypothesis) that consumers will want to buy and bind insurance online.

Last year they dominated with the launch of Accident Forgiveness with their contextual sponsorship of ABC's Lost (a show that takes the viewer through one accident after another) and the served up the "Accident Waiting to Happen" site which was used as Mid-roll and distributed media in social networks. 

One of the coolest features this site has is the Plan a Ride, which uses satellite imaging and mapping from Google.
Visitors can create routes, compare their plans with the favorite trips
posted by other computer users or choose from a list of scenic routes.


Check out the videos.  They are VERY useful. (news riders can use)  They inspire rider safety. Now they are inspiring people to build and insure the perfect riding machine.  Incredibly Memorable!

Check out the Allstate Garage at

Updated 04-21-08: NY Times Coverage - Vroom-Vroom for One More


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