OMMA New York 
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OMMA Mobile ended with a big bang.  Alloy Media brought in a panel of 17 – 19 year olds to talk to us about their mobile habits and when would they listen to us if we had something to say.  Here are some of the most poignant quotes from the group.

    “I sleep with my phone underneath my pillow”
    “We’d rather text than talk”
    “I don’t use blue tooth for a headset I use Bluetooth to share files”
    “when I have something to say I text”
    “I use my phone to live conveniently”
    “I use it to get around with Google maps"
" I post to Facebook and MySpace from my phone"

For those of us who market to this age group, on some level we know that our target consumer wants more from us than we are currently giving. But I cannot honestly say we are giving them what they want. We tend to give them the sanitized version of it.

They want more than an ad.  What I heard today is that they want good products that give them an edge… in the mobile space they are willing to deal with us “dialoging” with them as long as there is a value exchange.  We have to answer… What’s in it for them? And more importantly.. Why is it relevant?

After the panel was over I realized that we as marketers are still talking to ourselves.  We need to think outside the: 30 second spot, the banner, the pre-roll, the UCG and the RSS feeds.  We need to be true to our creative selves and create!

We live in converged times with NO RULES… so when we sit down to create we need to forget everything we know and just create great stories.  A story that is worth repeating

The fact of the matter is that the marketing professionals who have put their egos aside and created a good story or come up with a good idea have been the most successful case studies revealed during the past 2 days.  With mobile and this audience, we need to think about what we are delivering.  A code underneath a cap or on your tin is not enough.

It will need to be a value exchange if you want to speak to them from underneath her pillow.

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