As most of you know I am now a member of the wunderman exec. creative crew that will continue to lead the industry in creating meaningful conversations with consumers for big brands.  A few weeks ago we needed to name our team.  I had the group send me a list of names.  What I got was never a real description of the brand of work that defined each of the team members. 

I needed a name that would brand us with digital street cred. but describe the emotion that we all feel about about our work.

It all came to me - N@TCH. 

What Does N@TCH Mean?
In blogging terms it means naturally
For us its about being born naturally [n@tch] capable of creating powerful brands no matter the medium.  Its more than an attitude - more than a feeling - its a movement and lifestyle that walks the digital talk!

Being a n@tch is more that pushing pixels, writing copy or creating wire frames. Its a team of talented brand builders whose expertise in
BIG ideas is captured in the simplicity of our talent.

Join team N@TCH in our agency adventures here, there and everywhere!!

Action is Eloquence - and we are n@tch positioned to lead by example.

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