Today Verizon announced that four of its upcoming phones will feature support for Adobe/Macromedia's "Flash Light" - the mobile version of Flash.

Verizon is the first U.S. carrier to endorse Flash content on its
handsets and hopes that this content platform will draw attention for
richer, more interactive content development.

As with all new platforms, there will no doubt be a flood of content
repeats like lightweight, pre-existing Flash and Shockwave games
repurposed for the mobile platform.

For brands and content developers, Flash Light will open the doors
for custom development and remove the burdens and limited functionality
of traditional mobile latforms. In addition, considering the plethora
of Flash content available on popular entertainment, news and social
networking sites, Flash Light will allow these content providers a
natural mobile extension for their content and services.

Verizon & Flash Lite via @jpenabickley