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July 20, 2009No Comments

ON: NYC’s Digi-rati

It has been a while since I have had the time to join the ranks of my peers, the early digital practitioners. Tonight I made the time to meet up with a number of old and new friends.  The night was hosted by Dachis Group.


I joined Peter Kim (@peterkim), Jeff Dachis (@jeffdachis), Kate Niederhoffer (@katenieder), David Armano (@armano) and Jevon
MacDonald (@jevon) at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.  The crowd was diverse and reflected much of New York's "Media Now" world.

Much of the talk tonight was from people who live a digitally transparent life and who have become influential innovators.  The topics ranged from content creation opportunities to tech talk to using social networks to mine for basic behavioral insights.  All fascinating.  Nice to see the NYC Digi-Scene still alive. Pictures from the event at: http://picasaweb.google.com/annemaibertelsen/DachisSocialBusinessMeetup#

What was particularly interesting was the amount of former "agency" people who have left the business to create directly for fortune 500 companies.  It begs the question, is there a real future in social media for agencies or will the influential practitioner be the new voice of the brand?

ON: NYC’s Digi-rati via @jpenabickley

September 17, 2007No Comments

ON: Your Favorite Ad Icon

It is time to vote your favorite Ad Icon.  I love this time of the year in NYC.  The colors in the park are turning, the weather is cooling and it is advertising week.  A week where the industry mavens congregate to honor the past years work and speak about innovations that will happen in the year to come.


Vote on you favorite Ad Icon at http://advertising.yahoo.com/advertisingweek_07/icon_poll.html.

ON: Your Favorite Ad Icon via @jpenabickley



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