Unless you're hiding under a rock, you've heard something about the
movie "The Breach." It seems to be everywhere, and everyone is
discussing it. I haven't seen the movie yet, but was so glad to see
that with the importance of interactive in today's media mix, the time
was spent for more than just a run-of-the-mill movie website.


There is solid video streaming, with a nice layout and quick
responses; a good selection to choose from and more than just the
regular photo gallery and cast and crew-for example, there's a fake FBI
and an "Uncover the Mole" game. Some real time and effort was put
in, and I think it paid off. I felt engaged from the time I landed on
the site and wasn't let down as I moved through the rich content and
interesting features.

Check it out at http://breachmovie.net/

ON:The Breach via @jpenabickley