Superstar is a big game that was conducted in Japan 2005.
Mobile, Social ... Smart

According to the concept paper:

Superstar is a massively multi player real-word game designed to take place in Tokyo…The game uses self-portrait stickers…The goal of the game is to see and be seen using images woven into the complex fabric of Tokyo street life.

Here are the rules:

  • Place your own stickers where ever you want and then “collect” other people’s stickers by shooting them with your camera phone.
  • Whenever a player shoots another player’s sticker, both players earn points: both the player on the sticker, and the player who photographs that sticker.
  • A link is created between the two players for the duration of the game.
  • From this point on, any time either of the players earns points, by shooting someone else or getting shot, the other player earns points (though not as many).  Superstar thus builds a weighted network of connections that forms of dynamic, social, pyramid scheme.
  • Successful players will be the ones that forge connections with other active players, and the strongest move in the game is to be the first person to shoot a Superstar sticker that is then collected by many other players.
  • Play also rewards very active players, as well as those who find clever places to put their stickers.

Superstar was the concept of firm Area/Code who has brought us such hits as ConQwest, PacManhattan, Big Urban Game

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