We’ve all got well-cultivated, if not necessarily well-informed opinions on current topical events. Al Gore’s user-generated content channel, Current TV, seeks to capitalize on this, by branching out into contributor-driven video news and topical debates.  The
expansion sees the cable channel and web platform expand its
audience-base from the independent film-makers and creatives targeted
to submit content at launch.

  In 2007, the smart
approach is not to build a site to promote your own content but to be a
guide to all the good stuff.  Contributors should head to
where they can recommend topical links and upload videos around
discussion points, adding their opinions to the eclectic collection.

the content platform organizes and displays the information, it gains
importance and relevance by acting as the gatekeeper of the content,
providing the opportunity for open expression. And people do
want to contribute – Current claims that it has ‘blown the doors off’
accepted proportions of active to passive web users, with around 8-9%
of the community participating a large amount of material, typically
only 1% in other communities.

ON:Current TV’s contributor-driven video news via @jpenabickley