YouTube hopes to have a mobile offering within a year, according to its
cofounder; the announcement comes a month or so after an analyst said News Corp.'s MySpace would soon be going mobile.

YouTube will "have something on a mobile device," Chad Hurley told advertising executives at the OgivlyOne Digital Media Summit. He didn't say how YouTube would monetize the service,
but did say the current ad model likely couldn't be ported over: "It
would be great to make the ad model work on a mobile device," he said.
"I haven't seen that work."

Many of the clips on YouTube were recorded by users with their cell phones, Reuters points out, and a new mobile service could allow video-sharing in the YouTube community directly via phones.

YouTube, recently acquired by Google, was the talk of the
conference, writes AdAge. Mike Kelly, chief of AOL Media Network, is
quoted as predicting a succession of deals between major media
companies and YouTube to create commercial relationships.

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