You may not have heard of OK Go, but the
Chicago rock power-pop outfit just made history. The band's
ultra-low-budget clip for "A Million Ways" recently became the
most-downloaded music video of all time with more than 9 million

OK Go's treadmill video for 'Here It Goes Again' -- an appropriately named song, as the DYI video was another viral hit.

Filmed in lead singer Damien Kulash's backyard, the three-and-a-half
minute ditty features the band performing an elaborate choreographed
dance over one continuous take, with bassist Tim Norwind lip-synching
Kulash's vocals.

The video proved so popular that fans across the globe began to submit
unsolicited copies of their versions of the dance video to the band.
The outpouring of video tributes prompted OK Go to conduct a contest
with YouTube to select their favorite fan film and invite the lucky
winner to perform the dance with them onstage at an upcoming concert.

So how does one top the most downloaded video of all time?
With the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it approach, of course. The band
went the DIY route again with another dance video -- this time with a
set of eight treadmills, for the song "Here It Goes Again." That
video's popularity -- a million downloads in its first month -- earned
the band a performance slot at MTV Video Music Awards Aug. 31.

last week it also played Letterman and supplied the theme song for
ABC's "Saturday Night Football" debut.

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