I must thank the chaps @ threeminds for this one... Pipes is a new hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new
data mashups in a visual programming environment.  This is my favorite thing this week. Yahoo!Pipes’ is a mash-up of RSS feeds – sounds complicated but actually incredible simple. You pick one feed – say, The New York Times news stream – and stick it through another web 2.0 application – say, Flickr.
The result? A whole bunch of images related to all of the key words and
phrases which appear in the news that day. So easy, so clever, so
graphic. Well done Yahoo!


The name of the
service pays tribute to the Unix pipes, which let programmers do
astonishingly clever things by making it easy to chain simple utilities
together on the command line.  Yahoo! is blowing up the "series of tubes" today with the launch of this new web service.

Check it out and share your mashups here!

ON: Pipes A New Data Mashup via @jpenabickley