I know that most of you are soooo over MySpace.  From time to time I do find myself discovering something new and somewhat fun in the cavernous communities.  Right now MySpace’s quest for the world’s first user-generated film continues with a shortlist of 12 directors named.

The project is the result of a collaboration between MySpace, the UK’s Film4 and Vertigo.
The winning director will gain the opportunity to direct a one million dollar feature
film, shaped by MySpace users. Almost 1,000 aspiring directors entered
the competition with the winner to be announced in July 2007.

12 finalists now have to turn a script idea into a filmed pitch for
their movie. Judges will have to select their top three pitches, which
will then be presented to MySpace users for a final vote. The judging
panel is made up of actors such as Sienna Miller and Ashley Walters, directors Kevin Macdonald, Nick Love and Michael Caton-Jones and producers Andrew Macdonald, Stephen Wolley also Christian Grass, executive vice president of 20th Century Fox, EMEA.

The high quality of entrants and supporting companies and judges should
ensure that the actual production reflects the amount of contributors,
rather than too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Visit the site @: www.myspace.com/mymoviemashup 

ON: MySpace Movie Mashup via @jpenabickley