When you get it.. you get it.  From their Paris Mega store to their understanding of the social media medium.. Adidas's... Yah baby!

My Adidas.. walk the streets of NYC and roamed all over Paris. 
They also stand in the rain at my son's soccer games...And now they do street magic.
Well, Dynamo does magic with his Adidas.

A series of street magic clips have been released for the launch of the ZX shoe. ‘Sneaker Magician’ Dynamo is captured on the streets of London’s Soho pulling off some extraordinary stunts, such as the ‘instant customization’ – changing your laces from white to purple with no more than a shake of the foot. Check out the second clip, in which Dynamo shakes a can of Diet Coke out of his empty trainer. Seriously.

The Adidas site is pre-launch only ... graphics that allude to the days of Atari, or the cat walk set up in its Paris flagship store!


Hopefully it’ll be more than streaming video and all that in stuff for your MySpace page.  If we are lucky they will mtach the amazing MySpace page they did for World Cup!

Visit the site at: http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/zxfamily/content/?strCountry_adidascom=us

ON: My Adidas via @jpenabickley