There are a lot of new video, community and consumer dialogging propositions – Skype, Joost , Kazaa
– can be tough to understand at first. The Technology still scares marketers –
we know that. However, once they get their heads around it, they see it
for what it is – really exciting. Joost is not about taking over TV –
it’s about celebrating community, advertising and great content.

Of all the “Internet is TV” promises heard over the past few years, Joost.  After finally
receiving my beta test invite (Thanks Jayme @ VG for the invite!),
I’ve played with it all weekend, and I’m pretty impressed with
what I see.
The channel guide is broken down by title as well as genre,
and is search-able. The interface is completely transparent
and disappears soon after a video starts.

The star of the show is of
course the full motion, full screen video, which looks pretty good on
my MacBook, which did not look so bad when I hooked up to my plasma 42' Widescreen Plasma. And the most innovative feature was the has a channel chat feature.  It truly delivers community and content relevant to me.

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ON: Joost = Great Content + Internet via @jpenabickley