This site was fun and exciting...If you are willing to sit through a 3 minute loading sequence.

Casting Samuel L. Jackson in anything is usually box office gold. The
movie-going youth of America have a thing for him. Add the word "snake" to the title of a
Jackson film and you're likely in for some fun.

Throw in tabloid
regular Justin Timberlake and Christina Ricci, chained and in her
underwear, and your audience just got much bigger.


Watson DG, has taken the Black Snake Moan micro site and goes to work on the moviegoer with everything you'd
expect from a movie website, including the obligatory AIM buddy icons, screen savers, trailers, film clips and a music video. Customize your
MySpace with a "Black Snake Moan" skin! That's got to be a first, and I
have to hand it to SOM for not going with the "Make 'Black Snake Moan'
your friend on MySpace" angle.


Another bonus, no ringtones! Special Ops
Media's Valentine's Day Card feature is clever and naughty, although I
found the game of getting free from Jackson's living room to be a
little tedious and I didn't have the patience to figure out how to


I also noted that there is no way to reach the game from the
main site.
Perhaps it's a secret "viral only" thing on the part of
Special Ops. If so, nice touch.

If you have some time to load the site visit: http://www.moanmovie.com/

Check out the easy to use myspace layout changer at http://www.moanmovie.com/myspace/

ON: Black Snake Moan’s Micro site via @jpenabickley