If you are a Lego fan like my son, (builds and creates through Lego's) then you will love the MiniMan. 
      A 30th birthday tribute to Lego's mini-figures launched yesterday.  This blog style site uses a simple principle.  Its about you the creator and only you can create the next MiniMan adventure.

This content has inspired conversations among their core who seem to be posting photos, comments and their own MiniMan adventure videos. Check it out at : http://www.gominimango.com

"Built around the rallying cry, Go MiniMan Go, the online and offline integrated branding campaign includes an HD and 3D video for TV and YouTube, a GoMiniMan blog, an online video contest on gadget guide Gizmodo, activities at Lego amusement parks, and events at Lego retail stores.
The animated video -- that can be viewed frame by frame -- is
geared to adults, showing mini-figures participating in several
cultural and historical moments and everyday activities since 1978." - Source  ClickZ

Don't forget to download the HD-3D video at : http://www.gominimango.com

ON: Your Next MiniMan Adventure. via @jpenabickley