I've been following the Will It Blend?
for quite some time and they're always entertaining.

In conducting some research on a chapter in my book "engagement needs to wrapped up and delivered in a bow with a pay off at the cash register"  I stumbled on to Charlene Li's summary of the success factors.  She cites authenticity, humor,
originality and a connection to the value of the product. These videos deliver that and more...They deliver an easy mechanism for me to buy as well!

the awareness and entertainment, every marketer wants to know: how
does this translate into sales? According to BlendTec, they've have been able to tie the fun videos to a spike in sales.

A year of video releases with funny product demos has lead to the ultimate blend ever.  Yes the iPhone!  One little stat to chew on is in two days, the iPhone edition of "Will It Blend?" has garnered over 650,000 views.  This stat did not happen for them overnight...they have done a great job at building longevity with viewers.

I truly believe that the consistency in message and creativity has created a link for BlendTech. Sometimes, instead of doing what we are comfortable with which generally manifests itself in the typical features & benefits approach that
90% of marketers and broadcast creatives use, a little creativity and thought can go a long
way. When you connect to your audience's emotions and give them a way
to share their enthusiasm through social networks, your brand will
benefit with results at the cash register.

ON: Will It Blend – iPhone via @jpenabickley